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10 Shocking Mistakes Killing Your Wedding Spirit

plan your wedding top tips

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How to tackle the nerves and avoid stress all together when planning your wedding?
It is very easy to be overwhelmed with all the details that a wedding involve. Colors, flowers, center pieces, ceremony and venue decoration, table planning, stationery...ufff…I´m already tired just writing about it.
And let´s not start talking about preparing yourself, from head to toes, there is a lot to think, to dream and to fulfill!
A wedding is a major event and you want everybody to enjoy it, but please remember to enjoy it yourself.

Planning a wedding can be an amazing time, let’s just take a look into some tips.

1) Cut back on comparisons.
You´ve went to innumerous weddings and have a list of what went wrong and right on those occasions. All you think is: "I´m going to gather the best of every wedding and make my one".
The problem with this is that each wedding is unique, and you can be stressed by following all those weddings you went to.
Make your wedding your own, with what you like and desire. Be yourself and try to avoid the impossible standards.

2) Hear-to-Heart conversation with your spouse
A marriage is a way walked in pair. Start your wedding planning talking with your spouse.
Get on the same page regarding what the day should be, what are each other plans, likes and dislikes, what are the expectations and if they are achievable.
Make the day for both.

3) Time. Time. Time 
You had the proposal and now the only thing you think about is your wedding day. You want it and want it now!
Allow yourself have some time to plan for this glorious day.
Having time to search and find suppliers, gather ideas and have a clear vision of the wedding day will reduce the stress around you.
4) To Do Lists
It is so easy to get lost in every detail and aspect of planning a wedding.
Make a list of what you need to do, a list of suppliers you want to talk and see, a list of dos and dont's and stick with it.
It will help you organize and will help you not to get lost in all the wedding world.
5) Be realist about your budget
Your best friend might have had a blowout nuptials. Your parents may be over-the-moon and making suggestions that are marvelous but beyond your spending plans.
You and your spouse have your own dreams to come true on the wedding day. But is important not to stretch your wallet and even though you can have a little luxury you don´t want to start your marriage stressed about the money you spend on one single day.
6) Have allies you can delegate 
You want to be on top of everything, know exactly if each detail and aspect is working like you planned.
But sometimes not everything follows the protocol and get slightly different of what you envisioned.
So, there is nothing better than to be prepared for that and have your allies that can step up and be your wedding day guardians.
7) Have time to yourself 
During the months before the wedding you find yourself running from one place to another, talking to innumerous people, gathering suggestions and information’s.
Your brain will be full and the tension will be built around your shoulders. Because of that is important to take some "me time".
Have yoga, Pilates, a spa day or just do some window shopping with no obligations. Do what makes you relax and for a few moments keep your mind distant from your wedding day, 
It will do wonders.

8) Be kind to your bridesmaids
All the planning and anticipation can be stressful. There will be days that you´ll be on the tip of your toes.
Sometimes you will be tempted to release the stress on your bridesmaids, but ease a little bit. They are your friends and want the best for you.
Make this a great time for everyone.
9) Follow your heart 
If traditional weddings is not your type so don´t do it. Don´t compromise what you like, what makes you feel happy because everyone is expecting something else.
10) Step back and enjoy the day
The day has arrived, everything is in motion. Now it is the time to really enjoy the day, try not to panic if something doesn´t go according to plan.
Live the moment, soak in every minute. The day goes way too fast, so lay back, relax, eat, drink, dance and kiss!

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