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How do you feel about...?#1

...using heels all day on your wedding day?

Be on the top of gorgeous, fabulous, over the top high heel shoe on your wedding day can be painful, specially if you are not use to it.

We know that nothing compares to a good pair of high heel shoes, they may be courts, platforms, sandals, we as women, just don´t care. We are passionate about shoes, about their height and want to have those extra inches and make our legs longer.

But, are we prepared to used them all day?

Cerimony, photos on the garden with all the guests, on the venue with the buffet and the drinks, ohh and let´s not forget about dancing!

We might have a warm salted water to out our precious feet after all that.

Back when i was looking into bridal shoes collections to have on FABWedding, this little (let´s just say it) problem came to my mind at the same time i remembered: "if only someone had told me that it was better to have a second pair of low heel or even flat ballerinas to change?"

That´s why that for the most of our collection of that is perfect to change to!

Want to see what i´m talking about?

Just take a look into FABWedding bridal shoe collection.

One more note: if you want to see them in person we are going to be @rochester Wedding Fair this Sunday the 15th of May.

court high heelflat bridal ballerina

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