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Why June is the Busiest Wedding Month?

Have you ever question yourself why June is when a great percentage of weddings happen?

Today we can all agree that we choose June because it´s the first of a better weather month. The spring is on its fullest, flowers everywhere, the fields are all well groomed and the chances of raining drops.

Wherever you go surely we can get gorgeous pictures! The sun makes it appereance and we can start feeling its warm.

But, with a little research i found that there are other reasons why June is so popular for weddings.

It seams that in ancient rome the traditional June Brides took place because of Juno, the roman goddess of marriage and childbirth, and who is going to say no to a good blessing from a goddess? I won´t!

And in Victorian times, June became so popular because was when flowers were available, and they were very important not only for wedding decor, but also to use as a natural deodorant!


So, all together..Beginning of warm weather, blessing of Juno the roman goddess and the month of flowers made June the busiest month for wedding celebrations!

How many of you are planning a June wedding?

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