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Top Tips for Wedding Shoes

bridal shoes top tips wedding shoes

Choosing wedding shoes can be pretty stressful and lets face it, it is never an easy task to do.

That´s why we put this list of top tips together, so you can have all the information and make a right decision.

1) The Need of Comfortable Shoes

You are going to stand long hours and it is a long day, even if every hour runs by you.

Is very important to find a confortable pair of shoes with additional padding exactly for your wedding day. And make no mistake, unfortunetly this tyoe of shes are never cheap, so you need to think of that on our budget.

2) Don´t save on your wedding shoes

We know and understand that everyone is on a budget, and that a wedding is never cheap. But think of ou wedding shoes as an investment.

If you don´t have a good quality shoe you will suffer all day long, and that isn´t the emotion you want to feel on your big day, is it?

3) Think of the fabric

Satin and Silk are the traditional fabrics for wedding shoes, but in this comes your wedding dress and your personal taste.

My advice? Pair your shoes with your wedding dress!

4) Fit your bridal shoes with your wedding dress

This is important, you will feel more confidant if you look at yourself and see that the all look is great.

So, my advice is to buy the shoes with time in advance so you can fit the lenght of your dress with the heel of your shoe.

5) Which Color?

Even though white or ivory are the traditional bridal shoe color, today is more and more acceptable to have different colors: gold, silver, pink or blue. 

You can pair them with your flowers and you wedding theme color, the important thing in here is that you feel gorgeous.

6) Do i want high heels, sexy heels or flats?

This is very personal and there isn´t a right answer, what can i tell you is that you should stick with what you are confortable.

If you are used to wear high or sexy heels everyday, so go for it. If you aren´t, maybe is better to have a kitten pair or flats.

Another option is to have a high heel for the ceremony and photos and flats for dancing, but of course that can be more expensive.

7) Beach, Winterland, Country, Traditional Venue, Where your wedding is going to take place?

Depending on where your wedding is going to take place your shoes should fit that.

Maybe some white flipflops on a Winter Wonderland Wedding could not be it or a pair of sexy high heels on sand can be a problem.

8) Is there different shades of white?

Yes there is.

And when searching for your shoes you should have a piece of your wedding dress fabric to compare and see if they get along.

9) Dance time

You already made a reference on this, but is never to much to say it again.

Are you planning of having a big dance day? If so, please consider a pair of flats, your legs and feet will take you later!

10) Do you want to use your shoes again?

There are shoemakers that already though about it, and are willing to offer you the dye service after your wedding.

Rainbow Collection is one of those

Hope that i helped!

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