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Are you Lost in you Wedding Planning? Here me out, I have some tips for you!

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Planning for a wedding can be overwhelming, tricky and as confused as it can be.

You start to get around to get some ideas and when you look into yourself you are more lost in what you´ll have on your wedding than when you first started looking around.

It can be frustrating, can´t it?

Let´s take a step back and breath. Maybe count up to 10, slowly...

This has to be a great time of your life, not a stressful couple of months or years.

For that reason, and for my own wedding a made a to do list, in order of "Where to begin?". Please fell free to steal this ideas if you like them!

1) Start with your Venue

For me it was important to know where i would celebrate the wedding and have the ceremony. from there i could then think about other aspects of the wedding.

2) Choose the Wedding theme and colors

After having the venue i could imagine and have a clearer vision of the decoration, what was the likes and dislikes a go from there.

3) Invitations

Ohhh yes..invitations...The first impact of what your wedding will be, the fisrt non spoken word of what is your vision and ideas.

If you want a bespoke or a costumized stationery design, this is the time to look around and gather some prices and follow you out.

4) Search for the Wedding Dress

Venue? Check

Wedding theme and colors? Check

Let´s go shopping some stunning dress. One that not only i fall in love, but that gathers everything around and make me feel on top of the world.

5) Who´s going to be my hairdresser

After having the dress is easier to vision which hairdressing would match the dress and my features, and in this trusting the hairdresser is fundamental, so now is important to look into professionals and what is their work.

6) Jewelry, Lingerie, Shoes

Dress? Check.

Hair? Check.

Now let´s go for the accessories on the final look. What are the best shoes to go with it? What kind of jewelry goes with the hair and dress? and final but not least, which lingerie enhance my figure?

7) Makeup

Whether you´re doing by yourself or hiring someone it´s important to not jump into steps, a figure out your makeup after you have the dress, the jewelry, shoes and remaining accessories. That´s because you can have a better vision of which type of colors you should use and help yourself to feel a true queen on the day.

8) Photographer and Music

Now that you sorted yourself (and let´s say your partner as well) you have time and space to think and search for a photographer that will capture those precious moments.

At the same time, entertainment is important so, will you have a DJ? a band? whatever it most put everyone on that dance floor.

9) Decorations

Table wear, Candy Shop on your venue, Flowers, center pieces...It´s time to put everything together, because now you are almost there and know exactly what you want.

10) Dinks, Food and Cake

Now that you now how the venue is going to be decorated and you know all the pieces and bits you can really start tasting what you want to be served on your day.

The cake, the piéce de résistance of any wedding. The final and important touch of your wedding.

Hopefully these tips can be some help for your FABWedding!



Founder and CEO of FABWedding

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