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Are you sabotaging your friend´s wedding day?

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In our everyday life, sometimes it happens to have some faux pas. maybe we don´t even realize it, but we are on that strange spot and there isn´t anything quick enought to get us out of the situation.

Here i give you some mistakes that sometimes people can make on their friends wedding day and that can actually ruin the special event.

Let´s go!

Don´t put your phone on loud

It can be a pain to hear a phone ringing while the couples are in the middle of their vowls or the "I Do´s" bit.

Don´t wear white and please don´t wear a wight trouser suit

This shold be a no brainer, but reserve the wight for the bride.

Don´t wear a leather trouser suit also

If the white is a big no no, so it is for alternative cloths. There is special occasions for each type, so let keep into the dress code.

Screaming Toddler

Yes, we know, who can control one of those big tantrums? yep, not easy. But if your little one is presenting every guest with one, you or your partner should take him outside and try to minimize it a little far away from the smiley couple.

Don´t encourage the groom or the best man to take down double whiskies before his speach

Do we need to say why?

Don´t make a fuss about where you are seated

making a table plan is so, but so stressful. If you don´t like where you are seated, please keep it to yourself and be easy at the bridal couple.

Don´t overshare

Maybe you´ll have to make small talk with your table guest sharers, but oversharing can be awkward and make people constrained.

Do you really want to get with the bride´s father / groom´s mother?

That will be a road to disaster...

We that enjoy yourself as a fabwedding guest!


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