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Brides, start your engines, it is deals season!

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Brides, start your engines, it is deals season! Whether you’re newly engaged, about to be married, or somewhere in between, there’s two upcoming days that you should all mark your calendars for. Repeat after me: Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Even if you’re not a Black Friday-type of shopper, trust me — there really is no better time this year to scoop up discounted style & gifts for your wedding. So if you’ve got to stick to a budget and are looking for ways to cut costs on your wedding day style, NOW is the time to pounce on those sales.

Don’t just jump in blindly though — you should absolutely have a game plan on what exactly you’re trying to find & save on for the wedding. Luckily for you, at fabwedding.biz we are offering amazing deals on bridal lingerie, bridal jewelry, wedding shoes and more.

Make sure you will find a great deal and don´t miss the opportunity to grab your perfect look! The wedding season is around the corner and you want to be at your best without robbing a bank.

Here are some Early Black Friday deals you can grab on FABWedding:

Wedding Shoes

We have a great range of bridal shoes: courts, stilettos, platforms, peep-toes...you name it we have them! Collections from Rainbow Club and Love Art Wear Art at amazing prices! 

And if you see one that is on SALE?! Add your Black Friday discount and have your bridal shoes almost for free.

Want an example?

Have a look into Ashleigh Ivory Lace Court Shoes, the RRP is £79, on sale they are £59 and on BLACK FRIDAY the go down to £42 (Use code BLACKFRIDAY2016)

Ivory Lace Wedding Shoes UK Black Friday Deals


Bridal Jewellery

Come and see our collection of handmade, piece by piece, bridal jewellery. Have sparkle with swarosky and classy ivory pearls. Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces and Tiaras on one place.

Grab your great deal Using code BLACKFRIDAY2016)

Have a look into Caitlyn Bracelet

The RRP is £25, on Black Friday deals you´ll have it for £17,5

Bridal Bracelet balck friday deal


Bridal Lingerie

The dreamy Ivette Bridal Coletions, the perfection of Dominique Lingerie, the affordable collections of Axami, Dkaren and many more.

Are ou looking for bras? babydolls? corsets? Have a look into these amazing deals. Several Sizes, a range of possibilities on your bridal lingerie.

Use the code BALCKFRIDAY2016 and have what you´re looking for!

Let´s Look into Colette Corset from Dominique lingerie, the RRP is £68 and with black friday deal is £47,6

Lingerie - Dominique - Ivory - Corset - Colette - FABWedding - 5


Have a great shopping!

FABWedding Team


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