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Picking your wedding night bridal lingerie

bridal lingerie

wedding night lingeriewedding night lingerie

wedding night lingerie

Who is the bride that don´t want to look sexy on her wedding night?

Just the idea of taking your wedding dress after the party makes us start thinking...let´s the true festivities begin!

So, let´s slip into seductive lingerie once you take off your dress and your wedding day lingerie.

For that you should consider the lingerie that you´ll be wearing beneath your wedding dress and should highly consider your choise of wedding night lingerie.

If there is one advise we can give is to don´t shop for your wedding night lingerie except for a couple of weeks prior to the wedding. Usually a bride losses weight with all the stress and the last thing you want is a lingerie that doens´t fit you!

Maybe try on different styles of lingerie and pich something that you´ll feel confortable with.

"How revealing my wedding night lingerie should be?" Many brides make this questions and the options can vary from babydolls to slips, teddies, corsets.

Which fabric? Satin or Silk, Lace or Sheer?

Which color? Traditional White and Ivory, or something more bold like black or passion red?

Your wedding night should be romantic and special, make sure to invest into bridal lingerie that will help you set that mood!




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