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So much lingerie and I do not know which one to choose!

bridal lingerie

In every corner you can find lingerie shops, some will transport you to casual lingerie, the day to day basics, others will put you in a love budoir full of lace and sheer.

Lingerie, Lingerie, Lingerie.

Can be used to spice things up, to a special occasion or just use it to smile back at up!

Weddings are for definition a damn special occasion and maybe is that day that we can´t figure out what should or want to wear.

So, what´s to know?


Cute and thirsty pieces of body wrap! Fitted around boobs with a loose or flare fit at the bottom, which can be at least half coverd.


Here it is a tighter alternative to babydoll.

With a lack of support in the boob region it will let you show off all your curves.


It´s described has "Your sexy one piece meats lace". Usually in a body suit with a thong backside, provide lace to cover just the necessities.

Garter slips or just Garters

For those who want to wear the bear minimum with some thigh highs, where the best part is..you can just keep them and loose all the remain.

Corsets & Bustiers

Whats the difference? Well corsets tie up the back to the tightness of your liking are on amazing look. Bustiers are a bra top that can be attached to a tight mesh, corser or mix.

Both takes your body´s natural curves and accentuats it.

Hope we´ve been helpfull.

Good Lingerie shopping!

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