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Things that you never new you Needed on Your Wedding Day

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There are several important details that brides never seem to think of on their own, and that's okay because planning a wedding is a hard work job. That´s why you should make sure that you keep the following things in mind to ensure your wedding runs smoothly.

1. Lunch for the Bridal Party
Too many brides forget to make special arrangements to feed themselves and the bridal party. Maybe you are without hungry because of all butterflys on your belly, but bridesmaids will be a little resentfull if there isn´t something to eat.

2. Beauty Appointments for Everyone
It is not required for a bride to pick up the tab for hair and makeup for your girlfriends, but you should give them the opportunity to have their hair and makeup done. Everyone wants to be at their best on the wedding and you want the best pictures!

3. A Break with Your New Husband
You had the emotional ceremony and then the couples´ photos, maybe it is time to have a short planned break with your groom before you make your grand entrance. It will give you both a chance to refresh your look and spend a minute alone together.

4. A Game Plan for Wedding Toasts
Because it´s easy to mistake a toast with speech, you can find yourself  sat through what seemed like an endless line of guests with well wishes for the bride and groom at a wedding. Solution? Pre-plan the toasts with your wedding planner or MC,that will ensure the microphone is somewhat controlled and not just anybody can get up and babble. 

5. Alone time
Have some time for yourself, to breath, to relax, to appreciate your time and your wedding. Too many brides plan to have a pack of friends with them from the moment they first open their eyes til they say "I do." While it's a great day to celebrate with the people whom you love the most, it can be emotionally overwhelming. 


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