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Wedding Dress_ From High End to Chinese Web Stores

Looking into post´s, querys and questions we all can see there is ONE DILEMMA through every bride: THE WEDDING DRESS.                                                                                       With or without budget to think about, there isn´t one bride that don´t freak out about her wedding dress: Years of dreaming and hours, days, months of searching. How many of us bought our wedding dress in one shopping? Few, right?                                                       Many of us dream about our Cinderella moment and dress since we were a child, so when the time comes we just want to fall in love and find the perfect dress. Am i crazy to think that i want some butterfly feeling for the dress, maybe the same feeling that we have for the groom?                                                                                                                                 Some brides don´t even look into High Street Bridal Boutiques and go straight forward to High End, making the wedding dress a fashion statement. Is this a lucky bride or do you thing that´s just spending to much on a dress?                                                                     Other brides go straight to chinese website stores to find their wedding dress for a bargain, are these brides a risk takers? would you do it?                                                                         As many says, it is just one dress for one day, why spend a lot in it. Others have a different opinion:" It´s one of the most important days of our life and we want to dress to impress, and after all is the most important dress of your life!"                                                                   So, my real question is: If you didn´t have money limitations where would you buy your wedding dress?

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