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Tips to Plan a beautiful and affordable Wedding - Because we all plan for a wedding on a budget

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Brides, brides-to-be, couples and men, most of us didn´t find the treasury map, so paying for a wedding can be one of the most difficult things to do when wedding planning.

Many books have been written, like "A Practical Wedding: Creative Ideas for planning a beautiful, affordable and meaningful celebration" by Meg Reene  or "Bridal Bargains: Secrets to throwing a fantastic wedding on a realistic budget" by the couple Denise Fields and Alan Fields.

They can be seen here and here 

Those are just examples of books that can help you to scratch some ideas for you wedding and still manage to have some money at the end of the bridal party.

One thing is certain all of us want to get married with grace, joy, fun without breaking the bank. For me it was very much inviting to have a handy guide book or tips to plan an affordable wedding, but i didn´t wanted to feel cheap. 

So how to Throw a Wedding without going crazy with the cost of it? How to keep the sanity while planning for my wedding? How to feel empowered by my wedding instead of anxious and stressed?

With average wedding costs soaring over £10.000 brides, brides-to-be and couples in general need real solutions and creative ideas to plan a wedding without going bankrupt.

As we, at fabwedding, always said, stress-free wedding planning is our moto, so let´s go:

♥    Having the perfect day doesn´t mean spending loads of money

The first topic of your Check List must be a question "What can we afford to spend?"

Is tricky to start looking for wedding dresses without having a budget, or for venues, and all that comes with it, because you can really fell in love for something that takes a bit part of your savings account, and then there is still a lot to do to make a perfect wedding.

Do you see that TV program about the groom planning a wedding in 3 weeks, the Don´t tell the bride? one common mistake is that even they know how much money they can spend, they seem to put a lot in one thing and then money misses for several other parts of the wedding.

♥    Pick an unconventional day or season and save up to 50%

The venue usually takes a dent in your budget, so one way to save some money is to choose a day or season that people don´t usually get married. A low season is the best for grab some wedding deals.

For instance booking a wedding in a weekday can reduce your wedding cost by 40%-50%.

At the same time, because is a weekday you can reduce on guests (those that you are only thinking for obligations reasons...they will be the ones saying no!)

♥    Check the Hidden Charges

Some suppliers have more hidden charges than Ryanair, that´s a fact. So look careful what the packages include, example: Is the VAT incl.? is there any fees on the cloakroom? is there a minimum of hours? minimum of persons? etc... 

♥    Use the surroundings to go minimum on the flowers

Flowers, if natural, can be expensive. Beautiful, for sure, but expensive and they´ll die in a day or so. So why not have a single flower for bridesmaids, a rose?, a small bouquet for the bride?

Maybe use the surroundings as a part of flower decoration? If it´s outside with so much gorgeous gardens that can be used on weddings i thin you can pull this off!

Or you can also go for fake flowers, there are more and more specialists in fake flowers and they really are close to real ones. 

♥    Make a deal with your suppliers          

One thing is very important for wedding suppliers, like photographer, Dj´s, musicians, caterers,... and that is advertising.

Weddings are a big part of their business so negotiate with them smaller rates in exchange for displaying "vendor Cards" at your wedding.

It´s an opportunity that many won´t say no.

♥    Music for almost free

Why not contact your local University to ask if their music department, or students that are studying a particular instrument don´t want to play at your ceremony or even reception.

is a way for them to play in public, gain experience and you can be sure they will go the extra mile for the opportunity. Maybe start their own business.

♥    Protect your wedding expenditure

Most or all the wedding suppliers will ask your for an advance to secure for your wedding service. Sadly if the worst happens, it´s a nightmare.

But the section 75 laws says that if you use your credit card (Important Must Be Credit Cards, not debit or cheque or cash) to pay partially or fully for somethng costing between 100£ to 30.000£ the card´s company is jointly liable for the whole amount!

♥    Have an eye of WEB CLEARENCE - They can go up to 80%

Nowadays you don´t need to drive for miles to grab a good deal on the outstanding shop or outet.

Everyone, every store has their own online store, and usually the online sales and more appealing than in loco.

♥    Pro make-up for almost free?

Many brides do DIY, but for most it can be stressful. So one way to try to have your make-up for free is to go to a beauty counter in a department store and ask for it. At the end buy the lipstick hat was used so you can retouch it.

Because a Wedding can look a million pounds without breaking a bank!

Hope you liked the tips. Do you have more? share with us!

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