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Why aren´t guests RSVP?

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When i was planning my wedding that was a thing that really got my nerves, and if your guests have anything similar to mine, i can probabily say that you are also a little nervous or even mad.

Why did i send invitations with RSVP and 80% of me guest didn´t get the trouble to reply?

I really don´t have an answear to that, but i can honestly say that for a moment i considered putting them out of the list... I just thought "If these people can´t be bothered to reply a simple invitation, so i´m gonna have more money to guest that actually have manners!"

It´s such a pain to try to put together a wedding, planning for the food, decorations, drinks, Dj´s...and one month before the wedding i had to start calling to actually know if they were coming or not!!!

That, i won´t deny it, made me furious...

What is with people that don´t RSVP? 

Are you on the same page? How does make you feel?

Are you a guest and didn´t you RSVP, tell us why!

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