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Scratch Postcard Invitation


Keep the Wedding´details a secret on this Scretch Postcard Invitation, at the same time get a lot of fun letting your guest discover when and where will be the special ocasion!

Invitation on a Postcard format double-sided printed on 300 gr paper with velvety touch.

Dimensions: 10,5 cm x 15,5 cm

This unique invitation can be made in a wide range of colors.

For avg. £3,90/per Invitation You´ll have:

  • Bespoke Service to create your Invitation;
  • Design Production;
  • Print of all Invitations on the 300gr paper with velvet touch,
  • RSVP Contact Card;
  • Invitations´ Envelope;
  • Stamp to mark the Invitations´Envelope

To costumize this Invitation with your wedding details, just send us an email to: info@fabwedding.biz with your Inspirational Pintarest Album and we will create something unique just for you!


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